Build a Successful Business with Convergence Employee Leasing

Convergence Employee Leasing, Jacksonville FL, began offering PEO services to clients in 2006. Our mission is to converge your business skills with our expertise to build your successful business. Many businesses, particularly those with a limited number of employees, find personnel administration requirements to be extremely complex and time consuming.

Outsourcing these managerial burdens to Convergence has enabled our small to medium sized clients to devote their limited time and resources back to their core business. We pride ourselves on serving the blue, gray and white collar marketplace with a genuine understanding of how the economy affects all of our clients throughout the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

Your Local North Florida PEO

When you call us, you get to talk to a real person. No 800 number quality of service here. We treat each individual client with care, helping you with your employee leasing needs. We love helping you relieve some of the stress involved with your day-to-day operations so that you can focus on what you do best.

Focus on Your Business

When you enter into a PEO services arrangement with Convergence, the client becomes the ‘worksite’ co-employer of their company’s existing and future workforce. As the ‘administrative’ co-employer, Convergence assumes responsibility for the majority of the administrative management responsibilities, including payroll and taxes, workers’ compensation coverage, compliance with federal and state employment laws, labor and workplace regulatory requirements. Our clients remain responsible for day-to-day assignments, supervision, recruiting and training. Each new hire is processed by Convergence to ensure that you are in compliance with all federal and State labor laws and regulations.